11 Facts That Are Impossibly Hard For Anyone To Believe

Will you ever believe if I said Salman Khan is not Bollywood’s best or that Sachin Tendulkar is not the best Indian Cricketer? I know you won’t. So here are certain really hard to believe facts and observations that are actually true.

1. Platinum

platinum facts

All the world’s platinum is so rare that it might fit in an average-sized home!

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2. Movie trailers

movie trailers facts

Movie trailers used to be played at the movie ends before the marketers realized the ineffectiveness.

3. Salt and pineapple

pineapple salt facts

Guess what can make a pineapple sweeter? SALT.

4. Young rabbit

young rabbit facts

A young rabbit is called a kitten! I wonder now what we call a cat’s offspring? *Confused*

5. Lighter or match sticks

lighter matches facts

The lighter was invented 3 years before the match sticks were invented. We humans!

6. Paper folds

fold paper facts

It is possible to fold a piece of paper more than 7-folds! I have been cheated all my life.

7. Oreo and Hydrox

hydrox oreo facts

The inventors of Oreo cookies, Hydrox started to believe they were invented by Oreo because of its popularity! Beat that.

8. Save trees

toilet paper facts

The toilet paper demand’s supply is completed by cutting 127000 trees every year.

9. Barbara Millicent Roberts

barbie doll fact

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Thank God her parents came with a nickname!

10. Authorized Signatory

check authorized signature

Observe a check’s signature line and you will see words “authorized signatory” repeated over.

11. Tie a tie

tie tie facts

There are 177146 ways to tie a tie. I wish we knew even one in school.

Do you know of any other unusual facts? If you do please share with us on the comment section down below.

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