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10 Fabulous Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

If you happen to have that one guy friend who has been with you through your thick and thin, I am sure you will be able to relate to these points.

1. The truth-teller: Expect a brutally honest answer from your male best friend to your ‘how do I look’ questions?
2. Practical solution provider: A guy’s thought won’t get clouded by your ‘drama’, so look forward to suggestions that are actually workable.


3. No hang-ups: Your male friend won’t give you lame excuses like ‘I didn’t shampoo today’ when you want to catch up over a cup of coffee.


4. Hold no grudges: All it takes is a phone call or a ‘take a chill pill’ from your guy friend to forget a fight you had a while back.


5. Insider’s guide to men: Looking for someone to decode a message from your crush/boyfriend? Your guy friend is your go-to person.


6. The protector: Somehow your parents are more than relieved to know that you are with your guy BFF – wherever you are, at whatever time.


7. One-stop knowledge shop: Your guy friend is your living encyclopedia on gadgets, politics, books, alcohol, music, movies, sports, cars and more.


8. Keep you grounded: Whenever you fly high and think how amazing you are, all you need to hear from your guy friend is a signal to keep your modesty in check.


9. Not the judgmental kinds: You can share anything with your guy friend under the sun without fearing him to think about you.
10. They’re always there for you: They’ll come running to you whenever you are in need and won’t ever make excuses like ‘it’s too late’.


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