This Nepali Video Will Make You Giggle All Day Long

If you think ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ is the paramount of epic madness. Then this video raises the bar even higher. It is overwhelmingly hysterical. The amount of hilarity you will have would be like never before. I bet you haven’t giggled this hard in a while.

Let us warn you again, this video is a laugh riot. Some Nepali living abroad were brave enough to put their imagination in this two minute long video. Every second is incredibly comical, right from the beginning of the video.

Now take that Bhim Niraula! You have a tough contender. It would be great to see these two artists battle it out in one single video. Something to think about, isn’t it?

Enjoy the video with precautions. You may suffer from acute laughter.

Like it, share it. Spread the laughter.

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