Bro, Are You Dating a Bro? 14 Things That Shows You Are Indeed


Bro, are you dating a bro? We are not talking about dating a guy in literal sense. Every guy needs a girl who makes him feel needed and quench the testosterone fueled drive but trust me, dating a not-so-girly girl has its perks. They are the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, of Yin and Yang, and staying around them makes you comfortable in your own skin. You are getting the best of both the worlds. You have a girlfriend who can be your source of inspiration and you have your go-to bro.

There can be more benefits than you might have imagined. Your girlfriend is your package deal. It is like having your girlfriend and your best male friend combined into one person. It’s the best feeling ever and you would know the following to be true if you’ve ever dated one:

 She doesn’t find fist bumps weird, after all she is your bro!


And if you ask her nicely without being a pervert, she won’t say no to a chest bump either. This might make you feel comfortable at times.

She will never whine around you – she isn’t the damsel in distress


She will like it if you take care of her, but if needed she can stand up to the situation and look after you. You can look up to her in some distressful situations.

She is tough, and keeps you grounded


She will weep, but hey, who doesn’t? She has her own way of managing stress level.

Shopping is NOT her favorite pass time


So rest assured you won’t have to carry around her purse while she takes hours in the changing room. You get in the store and get out instantly. [td_smart_list_end]

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