Guys Will Be Guys. This Hilarious Video Proves It All Over Again.

As the old saying goes, boys will be boys. This is unconditionally accurate. No matter which part of the world you live in, or which age group you belong to, if you are a guy; you will have the guy traits, always. Your behavior will not change, regardless of the phase in life you are at.

Guys think alike and the bro code will always be honoured. That is the beauty of being a guy. Every guy follows the unwritten laws of bro world. Yet again, guys will be guys. Nothing will ever change this character.

Here is the scenario, you are running late for work, your colleagues are waiting you to attend meeting with client. You walk out of your apartment and rush to your car. In the meanwhile, you see a person with a flat tire at your residential parking lot. What would you do? Would you go and help out that person?

You are definitely late for your work, therefore, your priority would be reach your office on time. However, I forgot to mention that person is a pretty girl. It will now change the whole equation. Wouldn’t it? When you have a girl with a flat tire, your basic instinct would be go out of your way and do everything you can to help that girl.

After all, guys will be guys. Watch this hilarious video and you can’t help but laugh out loud in similarity with what we have just talked about. The ending is unexpected.

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