A Simple Truth On Why Homosexuality Remains Taboo

If you think we live in a tolerant world where you can be your own person, think again. There are multiple examples of homosexuals getting beat up, frowned upon or discriminated wholly for their sexual orientation. There are teachings to take that are hypothetically to bring them back to the ‘right way’, a heterosexual way that is.

People make them think that there is something wrong with them. Thus, they keep quiet, act straight and stay in the closet, so they will be accepted. What people fail to understand is the fact that they are born that way, just like people are born with brown eyes, and that they cannot be reformed.

And that is acceptable, because there is nothing wrong with them. You can’t fix what isn’t destroyed. So next time you meet someone and you don’t agree with their sexual orientation, feel free to keep your opinion to yourself.

Isn’t it time to fight against homosexuality being labelled as taboo?

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