10 Hysterical Words People From Delhi Use the Most

New Delhi is the heart and soul of India, being the national capital and being the center of everything that goes around in India. The famous phrase ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’ tribute to the hearty people of Delhi. People of Delhi are supposedly whole-hearted about being Delhi and it reflects on their behavior.

They are loud, they are enthusiast, and they are one crazy bunch of people that separates them rest of India. Delhites have innumerable outlandish behavioral traits that differentiate them any other city in India.

The sense of uniqueness is ever present in every alleyway of Delhi. The people are themselves the attractiveness of Delhi. Along with the famous monuments, interaction with Delhites is an adventure on its own. This is reflective on their attire to the words they utter on daily basis.

Although, they speak Hindi, alike any other major city in India, their version of Hindi has some supplementary jargon that non-Delhites might find challenging to grasp. This video by MostlySane has an incredible take on ten most words Delhi people use that outsiders are unable to apprehend.

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