10 Countries With The Highest Level of Corruption in the World

The major hindrance for any nations’ progression and evolvement is truthfully corruption. It is worst way a person can betray the government and fellow countrymen. Corruption makes the nation diffident and will only lingers in failure. Corruption expands from either the government or private sector to simple daily activities. The level of corruption is relatively much higher in developing countries, for apparent reason.

If a country is in developing phase, the corruption will be much higher and, corruption will be the barrier for development. It is an unescapable vicious circle. Corruption is greatly the threat that every national government wants to eradicate. Unfortunately, not all countries are able to do so. Many developments comes to a complete halt or at least slow procession due to such corruption. Let us all fight against corruption and make a better world. Together we can!

This video has compiled the most corrupted in the world. Is your country on this list of misfortune?

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